π-box - How to build an antenna


1 Material
2 Other Needs
3 Tutorial
4 Measure
5 Theorical ressources
6 Technical ressources
7 Pre built antennas


∏-Box Antenna Ready to Broadcast

Other Needs


First, prepare the Wire, connect the wire to the coaxial female adaptator.

Connect the wire to the GPIO Jumper.

Add some tape.

The wire is ready, now let's make the antenna

open the coaxial T, take off the balloon, disconnect one output, break the cover of the side coaxial output.

cover it back with tape, open slightly the male plug so it can host one telescopic antenna then connect the wire.

last, connect the Antenna to the Rasperri Pi on GPIO 4 (ports 7) & GROUND (ports 9)

Ready for transmission !


Test transmission with pi-box + dipole antenna made with rigid aluminium tube

Test transmission with pi-box + dipole antenna made with flexible copper cable

Test transmission with pi-box without antenna

Test transmission with transmitter 5 watts (?) with an antenna fixed to a bike (a bike as antenna)

Theorical ressources

Understand and measure antennas

Technical ressources

Pre built antennas